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We focus on kinaesthetic establishment of learning concepts through creating ample opportunities to explore and learn through using motor skills, senses and perception. We encourage learning through play. By following our daily programme the child develops holistically.

Assessment system
Assessments are done continuously and intensively to ensure that every child can rather grow and achieve the set outcomes.
In the beginning of each year we screen your child. This is where we test every child on their current capabilities. This enables a teacher to see where there are gaps and where the children excel.

Quality Assurance Management

  • Annual Audits form an important measuring tool ensuring a high standard in our schools.
  • Through constant research and development we create an enticing learning atmosphere and a nurturing environment for your child to develop and thrive.


Smiley Kids Waterkloof Glen Slogan


Early morning register activity develops confidence and builds self esteem.


Increasing knowledge of different themes.


As a Christian organisation we teach Christian values.


Develops memory, builds vocabulary and confidence.


Mathematical skills are introduced in a concrete manner, thereafter semi- concrete and abstract. A good foundation of mathematical skills are vital in their development.


Communication, language development, attention span and listening skills are strengthened.

Gross Motor

Developing the large muscles of the child is very important, covering all different aspects to ensure full development.


We follow a daily routine which is set out by our Toddler Consultants. Active Play is an intergral element of our learning philosophy. We learn through play!


Art lessons allow a child to express their feelings and emotions in a creative way.
Art incorporates many of the aspects of the curriculum- listening, following instructions, time management, fine motor skills, creativity, social skills, science, etc.


Introduction to reading and phonics lays a good foundation for reading.


Fine motor skills, pencil grip and correct letter formation is emphasized.

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